November Newsletter

Welcome to the Bikram Hot Yoga Vancouver Newsletter!  Find information on postures, SALES, class schedule, updates, plus much much more!

Our staff and teachers are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional Hot Yoga experience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback you may have!
We hope you enjoy our November Newsletter!

Posture of the Month
Toe Stand ~ Padangustasana
Toe Stand is the twelfth posture in class and last of the standing series. Having just completed Tree Pose, feet should already be together touching to start. Bring your focus to the floor, one point, four feet in front of you. Don’t move your eyes.
Shift your weight to the left leg, lift your right foot up and bring it up onto the middle of the thigh or wherever feels comfortable. Bring your hands/palms together in front of your chest and bend forward from the lower spine towards the floor. Touch both hands, all 10 fingers, on the floor in front of you and slowly bend your knee to bring your hips down and sit on your heel.
Bring your hands to the sides of the body touching the floor. Stretch your spine up to the ceiling, hips up and balance on your fingertips. Both knees should be in one line parallel to the floor. Keep focus on the floor four feet in front of you. Slowly bring your left hand up in front of your chest. If you can still balance there, without moving, then bring your right hand up and bring your palms together. Stretch your spine up to the ceiling like natural human traction. Suck your stomach in and balance there.
Change. Come up exactly the opposite way you went down. Perform other side.
Benefits: Toe Stand Pose strengthens your abdominal muscles, hips, knees, ankles and toes. It develops stronger joints which help to improve arthritis and knee pain. Toe Stand helps alleviate gout and is therapeutic for rheumatism of the knees, ankles and feet. The posture opens the knee and hip joints and prepares one for lotus posture. Toe Stand helps hemorrhoid problems. Due to the intense concentration required to perform the posture, it helps create a calm and focused mind. Regularly practicing Toe Stand improves posture, balance and grace.
Meet Your Fellow Yogis!
Your yoga community is filled with talented, friendly, inspiring and amazing people (including yourself 🙂 ).  Maybe you have had the opportunity to meet some of them.  If not each month we will be introducing you to a couple of them.  We encourage you to get to know your fellow yogis!  Get to know the people you sweat with!  We all have at least one thing in common, we love this yoga!
Hello! My name is Chennault Fox. I’ve been a part of this yoga community for about four years now. I went to my first Bikram class about four and a half years ago and immediately fell in love with it. I am a yoga teacher myself, in the vinyasa tradition. I have focused my yoga study on yoga as treatment for PTSD, anxiety, depression and chronic stress. I wrote a contract with The Evergreen State College entitled Yoga: Healing Trauma Through Moving Meditation. I think yoga and mindfulness meditation are ideal therapies for PTSD because they help one create new neuropathways and rewire the brain to not be triggered by events that one has found threatening in the past. We can change our synaptic connections and create new ways of relating to our world.

I think that yoga has and will continue to play an important role in humanity’s collective evolution and I find it extremely helpful in dealing with chronic conditions that don’t respond well to the allopathic model of treatment.

I am also interested in combing yoga with plant medicine and more traditional/indigenous wellness models. I am an herbalist, having been trained in Costa Rica by a skilled herbalist there, I have continued my study here  in the northwest. We have so many amazing plant allies here in this part of the world and I love to share what I’ve learned with others so that we can all feel empowered on our road to wellness. I meet privately with clients to help them construct a wellness plan that includes diet, herbal medicine, meditation instruction and different yoga asanas combined to facilitate a body-mind-soul in balance.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, I am always happy to get to know you all more and learn and grow together. You can reach me at

We look forward to seeing you in the HOT room!  Remember half the battle, sometimes more, is making it to the studio.  Your body will know what to do from there!
See you tomorrow!
Bikram Hot Yoga Vancouver
Eastside Location (Same Complex as Big Al’s)
1801 SE 164th Ave Ste 109
Vancouver, WA 98683

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