Ode From Your Water Bottle

OXOXOXOXOXOXOXO, Insulated Hydro-Flask!!

I am your Insulated Hydro-Flask.  I know you love me.


Ode From Your Water Bottle


I am right here waiting

For you when you’re ready

Take a sip, it’s okay

You’re a little unsteady…


You work hard, you sweat

You struggle and fight!

Just hold on, after Eagle

I’ll make it all feel alright.


I admire you, really

You are giving your all

But I won’t leak, I promise!

When you kick me and I fall…


I’ll surprise you tomorrow

When you have to look twice

Did you empty me? No!

And I’m still full of ice!!


Stretch, breathe and flex

And last twist around

90 minutes?  You’ll do it

Then chug me right down.


I’m your constant companion

Your cool-contents friend

I’ll be your reward

At a tough class’ end.


The yogi’s all want me

Such is my fame

So go grab a Sharpee

Write on me your name.


With yoga, you’re stronger

You’re calmer, you look hot too, you know

Most Sincerely,

Your Water Bottle

of Cool H20


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