It Takes Two to…Yoga

When you see two yoga mats lined up in front, it's a good bet it's Tara and Jonathan.

When you see two yoga mats lined up together in front, it’s a good bet it’s Tara and Jonathon.

The yoga studio is home to many practicing couples.  Often they set up their mats in their own spots separately in the hot room.  Often they come to different classes because one has to stay home with the kids.  The rest of us look on enviously, saying “I wish I could get my (husband, wife, etc.) to come to class with me.”  Not Tara and Jonathon.  They practice with their mats right next to each other in friendly competition and because, as Jonathon says,  “We’re a good team.”  Obviously.

Tara and Jonathon, in addition to being Bikram devotees, are chiropractic physicians.  Their practice is Atlas Spinal Care, just a stone’s throw from the Eastside studio.  They met in undergrad at Auburn University.  (Just a hint of southern twang is detectable when you listen hard enough).  Beginning as running buddies, eventually theirs was a relationship borne of a mutual competitive spirit, desire to help others, a deep friendship and belief in hard work.   Also, Tara says, they have a matching “obsessive” streak in their personalities.  Having graduated from chiropractic school here in the Northwest, they decided to stay.  For the past 9 years, they have built a thriving practice specializing in headaches.  Their office is busy, clean and professional which clearly reflects their inspiring commitment and work ethic.

A friend initially brought Tara to the hot room.  During the class, Tara remembers thinking:  a.)  I’m going to die and b.) Jonathon will love this!  Apparently, Jonathon loves the heat, nostalgic for the sweltering southern temperatures he grew up with.  A day or two later, Jonathon too tried the yoga.  Both of them found themselves wanting to go back, despite the toughness of the class.  That was a year ago.  Today, you can find Tara and Jonathon joining studio challenges, finding alternate studios when out of town and vigorously recommending Bikram yoga to their patients.   These two are hard core, going to 3 to 5 classes a week!  What is it about the yoga that has made this couple so committed?  Many reasons, as it turns out.  Tara has gained a new love of drinking water.  Each is better able to do the mental transition from work to home with the benefit of the class.  Jonathon enjoys seeing himself improve.  Most of all is the friendly rivalry between the two.  Tara says, “sometimes I look at what he’s doing in class and think WOW.”  Jonathon counters, “Sometimes I look at Tara and think, she just raised the bar!”  Being around them, you can sense the respect they have for each other.  But you can also tell they gear themselves up for a smackdown.  Stay out of their way, trust me.

Each of them has their own personal reasons for their dedication.  Jonathon states that when he sees other people do postures that he can’t do, he thinks, “I’ve got to be able to do this pose.”  He loves the structure of the classes and the accountability provided by the instructors.  He is completely motivated to push himself each and every time.  For Tara, she feels similarly and is particularly buoyed by some neck issues which have improved with Bikram yoga.  As a chiropractor, with access to physical therapy, massage and acupuncture, it came as a pleasant surprise that the yoga what was finally helped resolve some nagging problems.  “I’m stubborn, I keep at it,” she says.  Hmm.  Sounds like someone else we know.

By far the most compelling reason for going to yoga for both Jonathon and Tara is optimum health.  Telling me about a patient who had come in with an 8 liter a day Mountain Dew habit, Jonathon emphatically states that people need to take charge of their health.  He is frustrated when his patients can’t find the wherewithal to take care of themselves.  To Tara and Jonathon, their goal is to have their patients need them less.  To that end, they encourage hydration (with water, not pop, by the way), regular exercise and most of all, personal responsibility.  “People hold their adjustments better when they are active and strong.”  Seeing them fully engaged in a life of health, it’s tough not to feed off their enthusiasm.  Really.  Just talk to them for 5  minutes sometime.

As far as the studio itself, Tara and Jonathon love walking in and seeing people they recognize from other classes.  It’s a feeling of community and family that is the gift of a regular yoga practice.  They have always felt warm and welcomed, a far cry from some studios they have visited where the feeling was stuffy or unstructured.  Having a clean and professional studio goes a long way to staying motivated to keep coming back.  Of course, there are always off-days. But this is one couple who doesn’t let each other off the hook.  When one is feeling sluggish, the other is there to encourage.  Jonathon’s one complaint?  Mat etiquette.  When they are all up and down and out of order, this is troubling to him.  Anyone wanting a lesson in mat placement?  Jonathon is your guy.

There are some days when the pair walk into the room and can’t find two spots next to each other.  Both Tara and Jonathan say that it doesn’t feel strange to be alone in class, but that it doesn’t feel quite right when they have to be separated for class.  So, next time this happens, move over so they can be together.  You will be rewarded with tons of positive energy.  Times two.


Energetic Enthusiastic Entertaining Elio!


Mama Mia, that’s a stretch!

Here at Vancouver Bikram Yoga, we all know and love the Italian Stallion, Elio.  He will lead your class with a thick Northern Italian accent (despite having been in this country for well over 20 years).  You can take the man out of Italy, and well, you know the rest.  For the uninitiated, Elio is a rock star.  He will keep you smiling, sweating, maybe even cursing through a boisterous and high energy class.  He is all about the moment, the experience, the thrill of Bikram.  Strap on your seat belts, and get into your Ferrari.  It’s going to be hard work.   Da scherzo.  But playful.

Elio first came to the states by way of the cruise ship industry.  Having sailed the seas from Alaska to Puerto Rico, he made a fateful stop in LA where he says, “I stayed one month.  Then another month.  Then another one after that.”  He married his traveling companion and soon came the apple of his eye, his daughter, now 21 years old (and an accomplished musician).  Although the marriage did not last, Elio found his way to Oregon and as a devoted parent to his daughter.  For 20 years, Elio worked hard in a restaurant where he basked in his love of fine food and good people.  When his beloved place of employment shut its doors and simultaneously his daughter left for Liverpool to study music, he found himself at a crossroads.  He was feeling lost and unsure.  Tempo al tempo.  All in good time.  Things were about to change.

A very insightful friend told Elio he should try Bikram.  Elio thought, “Why not?’ and went to his first class.  It was a community class, an introductory class for many, so he was not alone in the ill-fated attire he chose.  Long pants.  Long shirt.  Prima volta!  The first time!  He made it through!  Something inside him clicked.  Although he didn’t know it at the time, looking back, he thinks he tricked himself into sticking with it.  He told himself, if I can do this for 6 months every day, I am going to teacher training.  Every day, he felt stronger.  Every day, he gained the sense of community.  Every day he felt better.  Six months passed.  He was 51.  And he was going to meet Bikram.  Meglio tardi che mai.  Better late than never.

While stereotypical, Italians are known for their work ethic and courage in the face of adversity.  Both of these traits served Elio well during the long weeks of teacher training.  Sometimes it was grueling, but other times exhilarating.  He often got very little sleep, staying up late for lectures or trying to learn the dialogue.  But Elio says this experience teaches you that no matter how you feel, how tired you are or how much you struggle, non fa caso.  It is of no importance.  You must be there for your class, for your students.  Of course, for Elio, he gets a charge out of the energy of the class.  He loves to move around class because he knows that as he approaches, you work harder to get yourself into the pose.  Your effort and enthusiasm fuel him.

Once Elio made the decision to go to teacher training in 2010, everything fell into place.  It is the same for all teachers, he says.  In 1980, his mother put aside 500 lira and sent it to his sister.  When his sister discovered the account years later, it was worth 9000 euro.  Just enough to get Elio to teacher training.  Dio volendo lo faro.  If God wills, I shall do this.  And he did.  Elio sees Bikram not by who he is, but by what he created.  Inside Bikram, he sees a little kid from India whose loves and dreams made a revolution.  In the yoga, there is something more than the postures, more than the breathing.  The more you do it, the more you see.  It’s what goes on inside of you, that transformative power that turned a man who had never done yoga at 49 to a yoga teacher at 51.  This, Elio says, is the real vision of Bikram.  It’s not so much for the super-flexible, the athletes, the dancers as it is for the ones who come in and can’t touch their toes.  The ones who really need it.

When asked, Elio says he loves head to knee pose as pictured above.  What does he love about it?  That people can always go further than they think.  (It’s true, he propelled me to go about 3 inches further than I have been doing in this pose this morning).  His least favorite?  Probably standing bow.  “It’s hard!” he says.  It’s refreshing to have teachers who know the struggles you feel when you are doing the poses. He knows because he struggles, too.  That’s the idea.

During class, Elio often says “If you don’t get it now, there’s a class at noon, 4:30 or 6:30.”  With each class, you improve and you get closer and closer to the goal.  There’s only you in the mirror.   He is fond of saying there is no escape, you are your own captive audience.  “It’s possible!  Don’t let your mind tell you it’s not,” is another common refrain in Elio’s classes.  What is the goal?  After all, in the end, what do you get?  When you challenge yourself, he says, you keep getting more and more.  And more.

Grazie, Elio!

Justin: Your Yoga with a Smile

He looks mild-mannered, until you get him in class.

He looks mild-mannered, until you get him in class.

His Monday classes are favorites for many of the yogis at Bikram Hot Yoga Vancouver.  Studio owner Erika affectionately describes him as the Mr. Rogers of yoga for a reason.  While he seems pretty mellow at first glance, don’t even think about getting out of triangle until the full time has elapsed.  And before long, you will crack a smile.  And soon after that, you just might learn something.  Meet Justin.  Gentle encouragement.  Firm knowledge.  A bit of whimsy.  But no cardigan or tennis shoes.

Justin came to Bikram yoga through his wife, Hilary and her mother.  They began taking yoga classes in their North Portland neighborhood and came home proclaiming it’s benefits.  Justin can tell you the exact date of his first yoga class.  His mother in law went to teacher training, and six months later, Justin was on his way to Los Angeles as well.  At the time, Justin was in a high stress job in commercial printing, staring down deadlines, long hours and irate customers.  What was it about the yoga that first intrigued him?  He says he has always been a disciplined person and that aspect of the series appealed to him.  From an outsider’s perspective, it’s Justin’s simplicity of task that makes him a great teacher.  He has a way of boiling it down (excuse the heat reference), making it attainable.  And all the while, fun.

Teacher training was exhausting, but it does not seem to have ever broken Justin along the way as has been described in recent books and articles.  His easygoing but committed manner were a good fit during the long days and grueling schedule.  After training, Justin spent time in Florida with his wife as she was earning her certification in acupuncture.  He was teaching lots of classes, up to 15 in a week and trying to squeeze in his practice as well.  It was arduous, but was a huge learning experience for him.  At a certain point, he felt depressed and had a couple “What am I doing?” moments.  And then, at a class his wife Hilary attended, he found his voice.  He remembers feeling juiced during class, remembering the style of one of his mentors, Tony.  He decided to be himself, to bring his inner comic to class.  As students in class smiled and laughed their way through the heat, Justin remembers gaining his footing as a teacher as erasing some of his doubts.  He felt energized, it was a great class.  When class ended, Hilary appreciatively asked, “Where did that come from?”

While Justin was happy to leave the commercial printing world behind, being a yoga teacher presents it’s own set of challenges.  There are students he is committed to teaching, and that often means getting up early (even when your new baby has had a rough night of sleep), putting your own issues aside to be there for the students, finding something new in the dialogue and most notably for finding some humor to get the students through the tough parts of class. The energy that students bring to class gives him a charge that helps him push us through the demanding series.  He finds feedback from the group to be extremely rewarding.   Justin shared that stand-up comedy is appealing to him because he gets a charge out of making jokes and hearing people laugh.  As someone who has enjoyed his humor, the idea of him on stage is very appealing.  Many students of Justin’s would surely enjoy the idea of Justin on stage with a microphone cracking jokes, using his wry sense of humor.  But don’t quit your day job, Justin!

With a 10 month old son at home, Justin continues to find new challenges and rewards in life and in practice.  He maintains a busy teaching schedule while sharing baby duty with his wife, and still trying to squeeze in his own practice.  For those of you who haven’t taken one of Justin’s classes, you can expect personal attention.  At the start of his classes, he makes sure he knows everyone’s name so he can address you in class if the need arises.  He is also known to wordlessly   continue poses during which you question whether he knows how long you have been holding them.  (He knows).  His natural and easy approach makes you as comfortable as possible at 105 degrees.  While Justin teaches at other studios, he finds the people at Bikram Hot Yoga Vancouver to be extremely devoted and dedicated.  He truly enjoys the community.

So, the next time Justin teaches, bring your mat, your towel and your water.  But don’t forget your smile.  You will most definitely use it.

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